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Level Classes Classes per week
Duration Nr. of students
I 50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 Shqip? S'ka problem 20000 Lek
II 50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 Gjuha Shqipe per te Huaj 20000 Lek

The Albanian language course offered in Meridian centre is designed into two different levels. This course aims to teach the elementary and intermediate level learners the fundamental concepts of Albanian spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

The Albanian language course aims to orient course takers toward being able to communicate with those who use Albanian in their daily life by teaching them the grammatical and lexical basics.  

The chosen texts fulfil the course program. The main texts which are the methods our classes are base upon are 'Shqip? S'ka problem' and 'Gjuha Shqipe per te Huajt dhe Shqiptaret Jashte Atdheut'. Teaching is supported by other reading passages and CDs in order to practice the spoken Albanian.


» Our goal is to teach the course takers the basic elements this old language comprises.

» Through some introduction lessons the alphabet –spelling and articulation-, and some everyday expressions are taught; indispensable in order to orient the foreigner course takers toward the learning of the main grammatical, lexical, and communication concepts.

» A main component of the course is the studying of the roots, nouns, verb, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs categories; all very important in the comprehension of the Albanian language.

» Logically, the course focuses on the easier and more basic concepts at the beginning to continue with the more complex and detailed ones later. The ability to understand the formation of grammatical concepts and to use them properly, together with the ability to create new well organized sentences, increases with time.

» Part of the lecturers focus are the new words and their structure; explaining the word's meaning and changes they encompass in daily life is one of their concerns. Reading passages are chosen according to the students' level and of a certain interest for the reader.

» Theory is accompanied with practice in order to make course takers get used to the Albanian environment.

» Through the texts the Albanian life, culture and traditions are taught as well; including people and location names, typical characteristics, customs, traditional food, historical towns, natural beauties etc.

» The exercises used as a mean of improving the Albanian language speaking and writing abilities are divided according to some categories;

a. Direct exercises with Yes or No answers.

b. ‘Fill in the blanks' exercises.

c. Multiple-choice exercises.

d. Sentence completion and vocabulary exercises.

e. ‘Put in order the mixed words' exercises.

f. Exercises in the dialogues form where the student has to continue the dialogue according to the given part.

The examples, illustrations, and exercises are completely based on the Albanian life and culture.

In this course we have thought that the teacher- student interaction or student-student interaction led by the teacher can give high results in learning Albanian. Listening to the CDs is another point we are focused on during the course so that the course taker is able to speak using the Albanian accent and understand while spoken in this somehow different accent.



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