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- The course for Matura Shteterore Exams (Official High School Graduation Exam) in our centre has been designed as an alternation of the obligatory exams (literature and mathematics) with the optional ones (the other subjects frequented and taught to the students within high school education). The obligatory exams determine the graduation from high school. On the other hand, only after he enters and passes successfully the optional exams the student is officially graduated-with the ‘Matura Shteterore' exam- and now he is eligible to apply to be enrolled in any university program in Albania .

- The application for the optional exams is conditioned by the criteria set by the Ministry of Education and Science. In other words, while deciding the subjects of the exams he is going to be tested by in his optional exam section, the student is supposed to choose from the subjects thought to be in compliance with the direction he is going to follow and with the branch he is going to apply for enrolling for his further studies.

- The choice of the exam group-subjects is completely free. First, the student defines his tendency and then defines the group-subjects he will be tested from in his exams. For further information on this topic visit the webpage of the Ministry of Education and Science.  The ‘ MERIDIAN ' Course Center and its staff fully sustain the reform in education undertaken these last years from the Ministry of Education and Science.

- This is the reason we offer our support of preparatory inclusive courses for all those students who want to pass successfully the graduation exams, both the compulsory and optional ones and are interested to study in the Albanian universities during the following academic year. So we offer Literature, Mathematics and general subject courses in accordance to the program designed by the Ministry of Education and Science as examining and evaluating subjects. The courses are held in 90 minute-long-classes of differing intensity in relation to the availability and necessities of the course takers. The classes are conducted by well qualified, talented and experienced teachers familiar with the high school program. The number of the maintained classes is:

1- Literature
2- Mahematics
3- Ekonomics, Sociology, Philosophy
4- Geography
5- History
6- English
7- Physics
8- Chemistry, Biology

The program of the subjects and the arrangement of the topics included in the respective courses is based on the program of the Ministry of Education and Science. The courses include both theory and practice hours. The course tests are based on the model tests evolved last year by the M.E.S. The course has been designed with a necessary number of examining tests that are undertaken in the same format of the exam themselves help the students get used to the testing concepts and the teacher focus better on the problematic sides of the course followers. Our source books are the ones recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science supported by our wide range of forming tests designed and developed by our experienced staff. We guarantee full support and as a result full success to anyone who will be part of this course with a very symbolic charge of 500 lek.

Trust us!

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