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48 x 90 min
3.5 Muaj
Princeton's SAT 35000 Lek


Meridian centre, a centre in continual development, at the same times offers courses for candidates that desire to undertake the Sat exam. The Sat includes standard questions, which in order to be answered need deep knowledge, perspicacity, and practicing. Being one of the main international tests for those who desire to undertake the college studies, the knowledge of foreign language and mathematics learned at high school might not be sufficient for the required results, especially when the time is limited and the test's standards are in compliance with high school program of the U.S high schools.

Our centre offers an SAT course programmed to be in 48 seances, 90 minutes each. Every week we maintain three seances; one class of mathematics and two of English. Furthermore, during the course period the students undertake four SAT tests similar in containing and conditions. This way the course takers are totally adapted to this unfamiliar experience.

The course language, the language of the methodologies, as well as the language cultivated to be used by the SAT candidates during classes is the official USA English, which is the SAT exam language at the same time. The text chosen among many other to be the course book is ‘Cracking the SAT, Princton Review, 2008 Edition', that as can be clearly seen by the title is the newest edition published by one of the most qualified universities in USA; a university that has a considerable experience in all the branches of education as well as in the preparation of students SAT courses. This edition is ecquiped with a DVD for both individual and group work. The group work is part of the practice seances in our centre.

The course takers are equiped with the test book of this edition, which can be considered a practice book for our SAT candidates; another book relied upon during the individual and group work in the practicing classes. Practice goes together with the strategical theory and during the seances the students are given diverse tests, related exrcises and informing brochures tightly related with the taught topic.

It is worth pointing out the fact that during this course the students are taught a considerable number of English words of 800- 1000; a number of words equivalent to a higher level in English (a nivel higher than the one the candidate had at the beginning of the course). In other words, the candidates is not only assured the dublication of the SAT test score in comparison to the initial score, at the same time he becomes an advanced speaker of English.

The course teachers are experienced and for an effective teaching with high results the groups are limited in number varying from 10 to 14 people per group. According to the necessities the classes are mantained in three different enviorments; in standard classrooms, in colloquial classrooms and in the multimedia room, where the lecture is accompained with visual materials. The lecturers time after time are avaliable for office hours and individual classes for students with problems in order to guarantee the success.

Exam Dates

1 March 2008

3 May 2008

7 June 2008


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