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Level Classes Classes per week
Duration Nr. of students
I 50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 Progetto Italiano 1 20000 Lek
II 50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 Progetto Italiano 2 20000 Lek



The Italian language course in” MERIDIAN ” center is organized for course takers that start Italian from the beginning and for those who want to extend their knowledge. The course for Italian is programmed in 50 classes of 90 minutes each. The texts used in the first level is “Bravissimo” prepared by the authors Katerin Katerinov and Maria Clottilde Boriosi. Teaching in this course has been in some different stages.

1- Didactic stage

During this stage the lesson is conducted through different communicating situations that take place in some formative ways and are acquired by the students naturally as an answer to the different interactive conversations.

2- Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking Stage

This stage, which starts right after the first stage and where the students has learnt the major number of the elementary structures of Italian, is conducted as a multifaceted class including all the basic aspects of a language. This arrangement aims to gradually increase the students' performance building it upon these four basic lingual components.

3- Lexical, Communicative, and Grammatical program stage.

The third stage is based on the improvement of the lexical, grammatical, and communicative components of Italian language. This program is designed to be adapted according to the students' requests and individual necessities. The course is planned with a large number of attractive exercises and activities for the development of the language bases, in order to be used in the future written and spoken communication.

The second level of the Italian language course will focus on extending and improving the knowledge taken during the first level. The student will widen his personal word knowledge and will speak using the grammatical rules and idioms, so important in this particular language. According to our program, the student is supposed to learn to express himself easily and to develop full concrete and detailed answers in relation with his choices, preferences and ideas. He is supposed to be able to track information, to reproduce stories and events, formulate different requests, interact easily, and write compositions in Italian.

Program composition

- 45 lexical fields; expressing words in different lexical fields equipped with additional exercises in relation with his special topic that help developing the lexical knowledge.

- 20 communication situation; dialogues based on the topics of the teaching method as well as grammatical exercises to enforce the knowledge based on these dialogues.

- 70 communication expressions; long dialogues focusing on the daily language, concerned to teach the basic expressions of the everyday language.

-133 grammatical schemes; schemes related to the most used structures in written and spoken Italian, accompanied with the specific explanation and notes.

Preparatory course for the “CELI” exam

At the same time, “ MERIDIAN ” course center offers preparatory short/longer term courses for the “CELI” exam, an obligatory exam for Albanian students wishing to follow the university studies in Italy . This course is prepared for two different levels of students; pre-intermediate and intermediate ones. For the students who have pre- intermediate knowledge of the Italian language, 60 classes of 90 minutes each are programmed. On the other hand, the students who have a certain level of knowledge of the Italian language, 30 classes of 90 minutes each have been programmed. The “CELI” exam tests and evaluates the students based on four basic components of the language; reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The scope of this course is to enforce the knowledge taken beforehand. This course, first, focuses on the Italian language's grammatical structure and on the other lingual structures such as the sentence structures. The reading question solving ability is expanded by reading materials acquired from the learning methods, books, and magazines and so on. The students learn to write well-developed essays in Italian; first in compliance with the instructions given by teachers and later independently. Lastly, the classes will be focused on tape cassettes in order to improve the listening abilities. This part completes the last part which is the Listening part of the “CELI” exam. For this purpose during the classes beside the theoretical explanations practice tests and examinations based on the model of the question of the previous exams' will be solved. All the materials we use are based on the model tests offered by the University of Perugia for Foreigners, which is the Examining and Testing Council of CELI as well.



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