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Level Seances Seances per week
Duration Number of students
I 50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 ELE, Nuevo Inicial 1 20000 Leke
II 50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 ELE, Nuevo Inicial 2 20000 Leke

The Spanish language course has been programmed into two levels; the elementary and the intermediate level. The intensive course is maintained three times a week and each class is 90 minutes long. The level ends when the book designed for that level is over. The methodology Borobio preferred to be our course book is an internationally rewarded method. The course is led by qualitative teachers aided by the contemporary technological methods available in our centre.

The equipments used in teaching are :

» Student Book "Borobio: Nuevo ELE inicial 1 y 2. SM, Madrid "

» Workbook "Borobio : Nuevo ELE inicial 1 y 2. SM, Madrid "

» Extra reading passages in relation to the Spanish language and culture.

» Audiovisual means such as, computer programs, CDs, tape cassettes, etc.

The goals of the Spanish course in MERIDIAN centre are:

The Comprehension of the written language includes:

 The comprehension of the authentic texts with low complexity which narrate daily issues and texts related to Spain 's actual events and the Hispano-American countries.

 The ability to learn to follow the routine indications and the comprehension of short texts informing the basic necessities.

 The tracing and utilizing of specific information in non-difficult daily passages.

 The tracing of formality or informality in diverse texts especially in epistolary ones.

The Comprehension of the Spoken Language Includes :

 The comprehension of a broad range of messages related to basic necessities if articulated in slowly and with a certain number of pauses.

The ability to follow simple and short suggestions and indications.

 The ability to understand the gist and details of any direct or indirect conversation and its interruptions, any short story regardless the interpreter that is related with familiar issues or issues of the students' personal interests.

  The acquiring of the ability to notice and comprehend the essential points of any discussion that makes word of any familiar event or issue, when related in standard language, with a clear accent and a limited number of idiomatic expressions.

The Ability to Speak and Intercommunicate includes :

  The acquiring of the ability to describe diverse situations, events, and individuals using a limited number of idiomatic expressions and formulating intermediate level sentences with an accurate pronunciation of an obviously foreigner speaker.

The acquiring of the ability to relate experiences, emotions and reactions

 The acquiring of the ability to comprehend and react vocally in daily situations and when dealing with common problems and issues.

The acquiring of the ability to discuss common issues expressing the personal viewpoint.

Writing Ability :

 The acquiring of the ability to write short compositions about the general topics included in the methodology or about general topics; organizing the personal and quoted ideas, using the proper language, and including the main linking words if necessary.

 The acquiring of the ability to write postcards, short formal and informal letters of an intermediate level.

 The acquiring of the ability to take notes and to pass short written messages to others in critical situations.

The acquiring of the ability to write down the new vocabulary or any new thing heard in Spanish for the first time; the learning of the Spanish orthography so essentially different from the mother tongue orthography.



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