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This course has been programmed in six levels and each level continues for four months. Every week three séances of 90 minutes each are maintained. Every level aims to finish one book that corresponds to one level. every student that finishes successfully a previous level or proves his Turkish level by the test has the right to start the next level. the students that successfully finish the first four levels are able to interact easily in Turkish. The succeeding levels are programmed for those who desire an advanced knowledge of Turkish, improving so his independent writing and speaking as well as learning Turkish in details. The teaching is accompanied with different listening passages in CDs. The lectures are maintained by Turkish teachers. Every student who finishes the course is given the respective certificate.


50 X 90 min 3 4 Months 8-14 LALE TÜRKCE 20000 Leke

Beginner Level 1

During this level the student learns the three basic tenses of the verb and becomes able to use them easily. At the same time, he learns the basis of the daily language, being able to ask and answer essential questions.


Elementary Level 2

The student that concludes this level successfully is able to speak the daily language with no difficulties. He is taught 5 basic tenses of the verb and becomes able to use them easily. At the same time, he learns the daily language, being able to ask and answer more complex questions. He learns a certain number of some more complex sentence structures as well.


Pre-Intermediate Level 1

At the end of this level the students speaks the common language even better. He learns every detail of the sentence structure and is able to formulate complex sentences as well. He learns the structure of verbs and nouns (simple, derived, or compound) in Turkish. The student becomes able to talk and write about more complex issues in Turkish. He becomes able to read newspaper articles even though he might need the dictionary.

Intermediate level 2

The students that concludes this level successfully learns and starts to use specific and quite complex structures of Turkish language. During this level the students are taught with the help of several magazine and newspaper articles. The student can relate easily about quite difficult topics. Every student prepares a topic and explains it as a teacher in front of his classmates. At the end of this level his dialogues are advanced and full without grammatical errors. If the student passes the test given at the end of this level they are given the respective certificate.

Upper intermediate level 1

The student that finishes this level is able to talk about every topic and relate about every sort of issue easily. He is able to express every idea and opinion of his in a written form and in compliance to the lingual rules. During this level the student isn't only able to read, understand, and show opinion about articles; at the same time he works with short stories, too.

Advanced Level 2

During this level the program is adapted to the student's desires; the fields he is interested in become the topics of the classes. The student that follows this level improves his ability to use a complex and detailed Turkish. The classes of this level are more colloquial, interacting hours about the language itself.



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